Untamed, by Jack Grisham!

18 Jul

969437_420057721425475_1624694597_nUntamed / stories by Jack Grisham : Punk Hostage Press

In my review of Grisham’s first incendiary book An American Demon in Popmatters, I summed up his writer’s gestalt as a “poetry of pathology.” No doubt, this collection of wild-ass, harrowing short stories bolsters that opinion. Indeed, Untamed is itself the one word that truly makes sense after becoming immersed in this writerly landscape that feels like a million jagged fragments of Henry Miller, Robert Crumb, Rabelais, Dennis Cooper, Marquis De Sade, and Jack himself, not as the ferocious and fecund singer of TSOL but as the scabrous, penetrating literary roundhouse kick saboteur of all things timid and proper.

Even TSOL managed to be ear-friendly; yet, as author, Jack never kneels, never coos in the earlobe, never dances lightly, never eases up and eavesdrops. He batters, pummels, maims, slices and dices, and tears characters to shreds. Yet, he also drops a poetic line here and there so poignant that it feels like a precious vase surrounded by a torrid, bile-filled heart. Grisham, as a man, is sincere, straight-forward, and wears no guise, but as a writer, he is an overwhelmingly rogue, rakish drifter that deftly, and likely unconsciously, balances the fine art of being venereal, vogue, visionary, and vile.

To read the full review, please visit Left of the Dial.


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