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Stains No. 4, TSOL No. 21

5 Sep

TSOL, Terminal Vermin, and The Stains at Godzillas


Circle One No. 11, UXA No. 3,

24 Jul

UXA, Circle One, The Lewd and Red Scare at Godzillas

Fear No. 9

24 Sep

Fear at Godzilla's and The Olympic

Blades No. 2, Legal Weapon No. 2, and Circle Jerks No. 13

30 Jul

Circle Jerks, Blades, and Legal Weapon at Godzilla's

Red Cross No.1, UXA No. 3, Mau Maus No. 3

29 Apr

UXA, Mau-Maus, and Red Cross at Godzilla's