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Final Conflict No. 16, China White No. 11

26 Nov

China White, Don’t No, Blind Hatred, Hvy Dirt, and Final Conflict at the Rollerdome Roller Rink, 1985


Suicidal Tendencies No. 9, Vandals No. 18, Channel 3 No. 18

9 Nov

Channel 3, Vandals, Shattered Faith, Ill Repute, Instigator, and Battalion of Saints at the T-Bird Rollerdome, 1982

Circle One No. 5, Circle Jerks No. 11, Shattered Faith No. 7, Channel 3 No. 3

5 Jul

Circle Jerks, Channel 3, Circle One, Bad Religion, Shattered Faith and many more at T-Bird Roller Drome