Doggy Style No. 28

10 Sep

Doggy Style, DI, and the Bleeding Hearts at The Placentia Elk’s Club, Placentia, from Flipside No. 44


Black Flag No. 96

8 Sep

Black Flag, by Laura Levine, NY Rocker, May 1982

Ill Repute No. 16, Dickies No. 24, Agent Orange No. 26 (On Tour)

7 Sep

Agent Orange, Ill Repute, and the Dickies at Metroplex in Atlanta GA

TSOL No. 57, Social Distortion No. 56, Redd Kross No. 13

21 Aug

TSOL, Social Distortion, Redd Kross, Los Olvidados, and Toxic Reasons at Studio Instrument Rentals, artwork by David Brandt

411 No. 7, Farside No. 5

11 Aug

411, Farside, Blackspot, Mission Impossible, and Gameface at Toe-Jam, 1991

Dr. Know (On Tour) No. 27

10 Aug

Dr. Know at the Anthrax in Norwalk, CT

Henry Rollins (On Tour) No. 11

9 Aug

Rollins Band at Kutska’s Hall, Howard University, Washington D.C.