Fields of Fire No. 8

28 Jul

Fields of Fire, CD booklet, Kill the Flock, Bockhorn Records, 2002

Adolescents No. 30, TSOL No. 51, Youth Brigade No. 53

22 Jul

Fundraiser for Jack Grisham for Governor with TSOL, the Adolescents, Youth Brigade, Narcoleptic Youth, Channel 3, All Day, 1208, and Manic Hispanic, Henry Ford Theater, Hollywood, 5 Oct. 2003

Youth Brigade (On Tour) No. 52

19 Jul

Youth Brigade, in Chicago, IL, by Patti, Last Rites No. 8

Sin 34 No. 12

18 Jul

Sin 34, Warning (Alaska), No. 8, Jan/Feb. 1984

Black Flag (On Tour) No. 87

17 Jul

Black Flag in Chicago, IL, by Patti, Last Rites No. 8

Henry Rollins (On Tour) No. 8, Suicidal Tendencies (On Tour) No. 20, Painted Willie (On Tour) No. 10

15 Jul

Henry Rollins Band at Marble Bar in Baltimore, MD, Suicidal Tendencies at WUST Hall in Washington D.C., and Painted Willie at Channel One in Baltimore, MD

Minutemen No. 25, Black Flag No. 86

14 Jul

Black Flag, Flipper, Minutemen, and Stains at the 10th St. Hall, art by Raymond Pettibon


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